Learn from cradle to grave - But from where? - 5 ONLINE AND FREE RESOURCES

This quote belongs to the prophet Muhammad.


It is time for watching yourself. You are reading anything, you are trying to learn anything, you work harder and try to catch up in order not to drown in the stream of a non-stop world.


Digital marketing is also one of the non-stop fields.


Learning digital marketing is easy as hard as learning other fields.


If you decide to learn now, starting to search on the internet, you can see thousands of results.

Today i will speak about courses helping to learn online and free. These are my own experience’s results. You can find courses which full of information.

Let us see where can we learn digital marketing online and free?


  1. Google Skillshop 
  2. Google Search Central
  3. HubSpot Academy
  4. Meta Blueprint
  5. Mailchimp Academy

1. Google Skillshop 

Learning Google’s marketing services from Google makes it more reliable for us. It is also possible to learn relevant areas of digital marketing through Google. For this, it is enough to enter Google Skillshop and choose the fields want to learn. 


Here you can learn to work with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Youtube and use these rightly.  The method of learning is absolutely online and free.


2. Google Search Central


If you look at courses on Google Skillshop, you'll see links to Google Search Central in the topics. These links help you solve the problem to learn more about that topic. But this place should not be seen as the only support. You can drill down and learn more about relevant issues in Search Central. When there is a problem, you can find a solution there.


Documentation, blog, and various webinars and events will strengthen your knowledge. Here you can see various information about SEO, and Google products.

3. HubSpot Academy


This platform allows you to buy ready-made courses online and free of charge, complete the course according to the lesson plan and take the exam and get a certificate. One of the advantages is being in touch with the HubSpot community and learning other people's opinions and approaches. It helps your brain to be more creative and to look at problems from the other side.


Here, it is possible to learn content marketing, SMM, SEO, and E-mail marketing.


4. Meta Blueprint


Blueprint is the most powerful social media marketing certification you can get. This certificate will show that you know Facebook, and Instagram ads, as well as a business account, how to create an audience on these networks, reach the right people and use ads in the right way.


Learning about SMM from Meta is the best place to start if you're going to be in the field.

5. Mailchimp Academy


If you see your future in e-mail marketing, if you want to deepen your knowledge here, you can do it through the Mailchimp Academy. As I use this tool in email marketing, I learn the same details through its academy. You may need to use another tool, in which case you should research and find the best resource. Anyway, for beginners, this is the best tool and the best resource for learning in the first steps into the field.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are so many resources that it is difficult to find and learn the best one. Two of these resources are Coursera and Udemy. Through these platforms, you can find and learn courses in different languages ​​related to digital marketing. Maybe there are people whose ideas and approach you like who have courses on these platforms. Or there may be courses from universities. The breadth of content on the platform allows you to find the course that suits you.


I would also recommend following the blog posts of the best people in the field, and tools.


Neil Patel - He also shares various courses on his Youtube channel

Semrush Blog - In addition to the blog, there is Semrush Academy. If there are suitable courses, you can also use them.

The HubSpot blog

Ahrefs blog


All of these are free and online resources that you can take advantage of. Only courses on Udemy and Coursera are paid. You can benefit from campaigns by following them. If you use the other resources properly, you will already learn a lot.


I want to say something. The key is learning the instrument, not knowing the instrument. The main thing is to know the logic. There is an answer to the question of why we do this. In this case, you can learn the instrument correctly. You can learn and do everything automatically, but if you encounter a different problem, it can take days to solve it.


Next time we will talk about books. books play an important role in forming an approach in you.