From Baku to Cologne

What can I do to change the country?


  1. First, the answer to this is to learn the language. And this language I think must be English because it is a more global language. But keep in mind that knowing the language of the destination at a level where you can speak it on a daily basis will give you a great advantage;
  2. Be a specialist in your field and increase your ability without stopping;
  3. Adapting digitalism.İt help you find work.


Let’s start our story.


When I start university, I already planned to move to another country because of my education and I’ll find the best country for me. And I changed my country when I am 25. My husband found a job with worked remotely and then the company invited him to the country. Before this, he worked for many other companies in Azerbaijan, also other countries. We understood that the process is not easy as we think. 


We started investigating - What is important for a visa, in which cases Germany embassy give us visa and not, how about is education opportunity, the german language most important or not and other questions which in your brain now.


We have started with the visa process because it is more important than others. We started working with one company because of information about the process at the German embassy site, people think who already pass this process. 


We choose and the company helps us till the end of the process. Anar’ll apply for Blue Card and I’ll apply for a family union visa.


The most difficult process in Blue Card introduces your university and speculation in the relevant body of Germany. But you have to check this, maybe your information is already recognized.

You entering Anabin  - 

Here are resources of education and culture ministers from different provinces' lifelong conferences.

You enter the country where you study and your university. Result of searching if you can see H+ in the status, congratulations! So, needn't gather many documents and wait for the answer to these, just you take a screenshot and enter it documents on the visa. But if you see H- or H-+, need to start working.

Anar graduated from Khazar University, with a computer engineering qualification. The status of his university is H-+. That is to say, some qualification is recognized, and some are not. 

I want to say that we cant find full information about this process. We searching, searching, searching in different languages, but we cant. When we search some results scared us - results known in 4-5 months, results that aren’t good, and so on.

We start gathering documents. These are the following:

  1. The form is placed in the ZAB space. You need to fill out the form and sign it;
  2. Bachelor diploma - version of Azerbaijani or in your language - certified by a notary public or public authority;
  3. Bachelor diploma - version of translated to German - certified by a notary public or public authority;
  4. Transcript of records - version of translated to German - certified by a notary public or public authority;
  5. Transcript of records - version of Azerbaijani - certified by a notary public or public authority;
  6. Certificate of the university stating the mode of study  - may be in English - you can get that from your university;
  7. Secondary school graduation certificate;
  8. Your passport.

Note: You’ll send only one version of a copy of all documents, the main version stays with you. You can translate and certify all documents in ASAN Xidmət in Azerbaijan. 


After gathering these documents you have to find a company to deliver your documents in time. The price of best-known companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. is so high that we decided that we must do more searching about the delivery company. We find a delivery company in ASAN office and price of this company is more acceptable instead of others. We decided that we’ll send documents with this company. You can find an address where you’ll send the document from the website of ZAB. Documents delivered to Bonn. Documents delivered estimated 10-15 days and then we know via e-mail documents are delivered and we have to pay 200 euro to start the process. You can pay money with your bank via a euro account.


After paying the money we get the pdf file via e-mail that documents accept. You can put this pdf file to documents of visa.


Then we focused process of visa.


To be continued…