Content marketing: How explain this to your grandmother?

That's how I explained it! This is just the beginning!

The main part of courses, books about digital marketing and general marketing starts importance of learning content marketing. It is not surprising. If we do not have content, how do we tell the audience about our product and service? How do we change customers from our prospects? It is very important to learn, focus, and stable improvement content marketing. 


And how are we doing all these?


There is a very interesting book by Ann Handley about content marketing - “Everybody writes - Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content”. Indeed everybody writes next to us, around with us, away from us. If you have a smartphone and you have at least one social media channel, that’s it, therefore you write. It may be difficult to create differences as much as competitors, however, it is more interesting can create differences.


We are continuing the traditional question.


What is content marketing?


My answer to this question is that: do something you want. If you want to socialize, make content. If you want to sell, make content. If you want networking, make content. If you want to spend time with yourself, make content. If you want famous, make content. And there you can see the power of content.


Let’s put my answer aside and summarize, content is the process of marketing. You can create and share your content via this process. It may be a blog, vlog, podcast, and such as this content forms. And you can reach your target audience via this process, create prospects, promote your brand, and make more sales.


Why is there content marketing - why is important?


  1. If you create content and trying to gain an audience, you have to give useful something to people. Important for people your product or service how to solve their problems. You can reach this via content that you create.
  2. You have to speak to your audience, you have to tell about yourself them and share your history. You must do this in your audience's language. You can do this via content that you create.
  3. You must be branding and forming an opinion around your brand. You can do this via content that you create.


Readers who read about this field, definitely show “storytelling”. The best effective method mix interest with business, creating content. 


If you are new, having the story, and creating it make you ahead of others. 


Why business that you create need a story?


Entire-time innovative brands, and businesses trying that can touch the emotions of people. Because they understand that, people consist of emotions and spirits. If a brand can feel the emotion of people, it remains the most and I am applying a brand that I can not forget when I need this type of product. And that time we can see the power of storytelling.


For example, remember reading the last information, ads you watching, or music listening to. Probably elements you remember taught you something, they touch your emotions. Otherwise, it is more difficult to remember or you may find it from your history of browser.


Foreword: Storytelling is not an annual report of your company, your achievements, or nonachievements, it is why doing what does. So, how do you make it easier for the life of people, and how do you solve their problems? Customer comments and statistics need to deepen the faith of your audience and gain faith in your prospects, but it will not be your story.


These questions create union and create the Golden Circle concept. On this circle you are answering the followings questions:


Why? - Why are you doing

How? - How do you help?

What? - What do you offer?


You must put on your audience shoes. Empathy most important feeling in our work life as in our daily life and it will cause your winning. 


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. I discovered this quote after watching the film that earned Oscar to Will Smith - King Richard, author is Benjamin Franklin. We can observe this in our daily and work life - when doing something to plan and make a strategy helps make half your job easier. As well as when creating content if you are making your plan rightly, it determines that the next works will be consistent, and you will have a plan that can guide you. 


Actually, everybody tell that, a plan is important, must be, and so on. But a person’s brain does not accept this form of sentences, you must show anything about this topic to it. Everybody can see the importance of plan after some event. I can say that make a plan firstly, will help you the time you would have spent on him to spend on your work and already you do not think about how am I do x, where put y, how I reach to z, just you are moving forward with the plan that you make. That is making a plan it is not simple as well, it is transportation that carries you to your purpose, when it is successful or not successful you will turn and look at it. And you are the driver of that plan.


How to create a content marketing strategy? 


A content marketing strategy’s creating steps followings:


  1. Define your goals;
  2. Find your target audience;
  3. Do content audit;
  4. Define the content type that you will create;
  5. Enrich your ideas;
  6. Share your content and manage it.


  1. Define your goals.


For the improvement of your content, your goals must be SMART goals. 


As followings:







You know best the content created by you, it is better to avoid putting utopian, not reachable, or impossible for the relevant time. It will avoid decreasing your motivation, and also degradation of content. 


What is your main purpose in doing this consistently, creating, and taking time? My purpose is that teach what I learn in digital marketing to others who are new here. Supporting creating own business new. Your purpose may be different. Choosing purpose before helps define the next steps easily. However, do not worry, you can change your purpose after. But if it will take you to success. 


  1. Find your target audience.


If you are new in this field, determining your target audience will make your content more quality. Because already you will know that, who for do you  create, what they like, what they read. Defining your audience also depends on how open do you determined your goals. So that your purpose must be open for you, so you can complete other steps easily. Already you have been here some time, also you want to change or expand your audience, in this case, you can use “buyer persona”. 


The buyer persona is the function persona. This persona is the union of the target audience of previous experience and audience that you want to see. You can create this yourself or via some tools. It is appropriate to check it success with A/B tests. 

  1. Do a content audit.


Being a good auditor means learning from your mistakes. Only in this case you can turn your prospect to your audience and earn the faith of your audience. Because people will see changes that you have done based on previous data. For this is a must that learns people’s thinks, speak to them. You can do this with forums, boxes where people can write their thinks the bottom of the content, social network, e-mail marketing, and other tools. So, the content will be enriched and be easy to reach the purpose.  

  1. Define the content type that you will create.

Content is not just writing, although, when we say content, we think about writing immediately. Content is also drawn, taken photos, prepare, creating. I mean you also prepare e-books, record a video, and create an infographic. It is all content. Choosing what type of content you create depends on purpose and theme. For that first research in google browser which theme will you create? 


For example, you will write about learn football game. Let us look at which content type to choose can get us up to the top. 


content marketing - content type


As seen from the photo when we search this keyword we meet more video content. Content created by writing ranks lower. So, if we want to bring up ranks, and be noticed audience, we must prefer video content. Anyway, you can create other types and write for people. 

  1. Enrich your ideas.


After doing all steps for creating content we have come to a lovable and interesting step. Idea! Idea necessary everybody is not depending on field and everything is idea. The content creator needs to catch the AHA! moment and definitely notice that. “Oh anyway, I will remember that I have found that idea” saying this and I forgot these ideas for approximately 6-9 minutes, especially did not write because I was lazy. You can find ideas while walking, listening, or reading. The main thing knowing the purpose and theme. 


How do we find the idea?


Once more we appeal to Google and search chosen theme with the keyword. Let us say you think that write about the history of Azerbaijan. Write in google history of Azerbaijan and if you reached the end of the first page you can see related searches. It is shown to you that people search for another thing in this theme. We will use this in SEO, but then, at first, we must create our content. 


content related search content google marketing


One another method - comments have written your competitor’s content. These comments give you new ideas and help you be the best quality. Generally, looking at content related to your fields, and themes, listening to people, and knowing their likes and unlikes can give you an idea and can enrich existing one. 

  1. Share your content and manage it.


Now everything is ready, if you create content, it is time for sharing it with your audience. Do not forget to review content after share, after some time update it. Maybe you have learned new things about writed content and want to share it with your audience, you can update previous content freely. It helps refresh content and does not lose google pages. 


In the next content, we will learn how can we create content. Here belongs to writing rules, images, what we have to avoid, and so on.


If you have anything, any experience, I look forward to hearing from you!